Summer Internship 2015

Over the summer of 2015, I used Mathematica to create a program (for the Illinois Institute of Technology) that would detect the volume of an irregular brain tumor using MRI images. Given a series of MRI images, the program was able to find the volume of nearly all kinds of brain tumors and would reconstruct a 3D image of the mass. The user needed to draw an inside and outside boundary for the MRI images, which the program would use to find the boundaries of the tumor(s). As the internship progressed, I learned the intricacies of image processing and thus gained a plethora of experience with Mathematica.

This experience encouraged me to take this blog more seriously, which is why I now update monthly.

Program Guide

A full guide about how to use the .mx converter (which is needed to run the tumor program) and the irregular tumor measurer and detector can be found as a PDF here (link).

Here is a video demonstration of the .mx converter (link), and here is a demonstration of the tumor tool (link). Unfortunately, I could not create boundaries while I was recording my screen with Jing. The program works fine, though.